Advanced Mantra Technique

What is the advanced mantra technique?

Vedic Meditators who have had a consistent practice of twice daily meditation are eligible for an advanced mantra technique.

An advanced mantra technique is an elaboration of your original bija, or seed, mantra. It could be an elongation or slight change in pronunciation. It may also be a change in the method of how we utilize the mantra.

If your original mantra is the seed, imagine the upgrade like a sprout.

With the original bija mantra, new meditators have the experience of diving deep and experiencing transcendence, or they pop up into the surface thinking layer. All of the layers of nuance in between is seldom experienced as they move in-between the thinking layer and the transcendent layer.

With the upgraded mantra, meditators have the experience of ritam which holds the mind, suspended, just above transcendence and below the surface thinking layer. The result is a feeling of depth and calm, alongside thoughts. We are no longer interested in having the experience of transcendence because we are beginning to stabilize an experience during meditation that is sustainable during the eyes open state. We can feel deep inner calm and yet have subtle thoughts.

It is not required to receive an advanced mantra technique. But advanced mantra techniques speed up the process of evolution. You’ll experience a shift, similar to when you first started to meditate.


The course takes place over two days of about an hour each day. The first day you will bring fruits and flowers and we will perform the same ceremony of gratitude that you observed when you first received your bija mantra. You will then receive your advanced mantra technique at that time. The course will take approximately an hour.

The next day, we will check your mantra and give you some parameters of correct practice. We will also go over what changes you may experience during meditation and outside of meditation. This will take about an hour.


In order to receive an advanced mantra technique, a meditator must be trained in Vedic Meditation and practicing consistently, twice a day, for at least one year. A meditator who has already received an Advanced Technique and would like to receive another should have been meditating consistently with their last advanced mantra for at least a year.

Course Fee

The course fee is $500. 

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